Sunday, December 30, 2012

Racism or legitimate concern?

Can racist generalisation ever be justified? Here is some generalisation but if this blog seems racist to you feel free to say so, please also address the questions asked here.

In Canada and the UK there have been a number of so-called honour killings, gang rapes and incidents of immigrant gangs grooming and procuring young local girls for prostitution. The Canadian and UK police forces are doing their best to solve these crimes and see that justice is done.

In the countries that these criminals come from this brutal activity seems to be commonplace and condoned by the men, women have no voice. Police and politicians are reluctant to take any action and have even been implicated in a number of cases. Where are the leaders and spokespersons vigorously condemning this behaviour? Nowhere to be seen.

In view of these facts shouldn't immigration from there be halted? I don't see how men from a culture in which women are routinely devalued can be accepted as immigrants in a country where women's rights are respected. We have a right to keep our society and our children and womenfolk safe and to keep murderers and rapists out.

This is my opinion. Bob Smith

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Musical heritage to die?

As media changes old formats become unplayable. Some brave people have taken it upon themselves to transcribe these old formats for us and publish the results on the web.

These sites with historical data and research (like digital transcriptions of cylinder and 78RPM  records) should not die with their owners. See Roger Wilmut's site
for instance. Is Google or anybody interested in keeping these sites in perpetuity?

BobSmith, time traveller from the last century

Sunday, September 16, 2012

TIFF visitor escapes Canadian hellscape.

An American producer friend of a friend comments on socialist Canada:

I'm now wrapping up my final evening in Toronto - part of the socialist hellscape known as Canada. Let us pray that the United States never follows in its footsteps.

I have now spent 12 days in a place where a single payer medical system replaces our American tradition of rugged individualism. Unlike wimpy Canadians, real Americans are willing to die to maintain our freedom to not be able to afford medical care!

In this land that would make Lenin proud, the population exists under such totalitarian oppression, that it's difficult to find even a single piece of litter on the street. So conditioned by propaganda that extols the left wing virtues of clean air, water and the environment, the citizens here must endure the heavy burden of knowing that their food and water supply is safe. In the totalitarian jungle of Canada even the criminal elements fear coming out at night... Why, I have walked miles upon miles of streets in Toronto, and never once felt in danger - even at the midnight hour... Yes, this is a place where government run amok has certainly created a controlled environment where peaceful streets are successfully feigned. And this is no Potemkin Village. This totalitarian rule is universal across the city.

Of course to lure Americans into a lull of easy complacency, so that visitors like me can be duped into thinking that Canada is a hard working country with kind people, one finds the illusion of a thriving capitalistic economy. Amazingly diverse restaurants, entertainment centers, and multi-level shopping malls that seem like cities unto themselves exist here; but thank God I know better... It must be a government sanctioned deception. No socialist hellscape like this that ensures unlimited medical care for all its people can also have a healthy market-driven economy.

How do I know? Well it's only obvious. After all this is a land where numerous gay couples openly flaunt their provocative, anti-Biblical lifestyle... holding hands and walking with their arms around each other... openly mocking all the other heterosexual couples on the same street. It was so bad that the angels cried twice while I was here!... Fortunately, there may have been enough God fearing Christians from the U.S. attending the film festival to keep the precipitation limited to only two days.

Yes, tomorrow I fly back to my beloved land, where there are still those fighting to keep us from becoming the God-less hell-hole I'm now leaving. Thank the Lord that all Americans can sleep safe tonight in the absolute assurance that we are nothing like Canada!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The England I left behind in 1953

The England of Dreams.

Bob Smith, time-traveller.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Iphone4S world phone? Not according to Virgin.

I bought an unlocked iPhone4s at the Apple store in Marbella, Spain, they assured me it is a world phone and would work here in Canada. It has worked well with Vodaphone for months in Spain. Trying to get started with Virgin in Mississauga today, they asked for the IMEI number and then said it won't work, marginal at best. I'll try another carrier but what gives here? World phone or not? Have I been taken?

Saturday, April 28, 2012